The lack of prediction and forecast management

Kettab By: Mouhamed Lemine Kettab


The meetings held by Maghreb and Middle Eastern heads of State from time to time are superficial meetings aiming primarily at giving stirring speeches, appearing on satellite TV channels, and taking souvenir photos for pure consumption purposes. The goal behind these meetings is not to identify the most efficient ways to translate studies prepared by qualified bodies into tangible reality, nor is it to develop a common understanding of the procedural terms for the implementation of strategic projects of common interest, which are related to regional stakes of developmental integration, and linked to the repercussions of challenges posed by globalisation, environmental degradation, and dwindling water and food resources.

This type of forward-looking strategic thinking, which aims at managing our future conditions, is non-existent among the leaders of our region. As a result, we cannot expect the development of a complete strategic plan aimed at identifying the features of an economic arrangement that can ensure a steady pace of development to create 100 million jobs by the year 2020. Factors such as the mentality of spontaneity and improvisation, and the lack of prediction and forecast management, severely hamper the rational planning which sets precise perceptions for the methods and terms of the development and exploitation of human and material resources, that can result from the systematic development of our space within the Maghreb and Middle East.

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